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Seed Diversify to Win!

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By Dakota Koontz

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” You’ve heard the phrase time and time again. Often hemp farmers fall into this trap, planting only one strain of seed to produce a fully homogeneous harvest. It’s typical practice, easier, cheaper, and may seem less risky. Not so. What if, by no fault of their own, they ended up planting a strain that came up non-compliant during testing or just didn’t produce? All of their funds, time, energy, and crop would have been wasted.

All hemp farmers, no matter how experienced, should be diversifying. Growing hemp comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. The more you diversify your plan of action in terms of planting with different strains of genetics (phenotypes of hemp), using both seeds and clones, and working with a range of distributors will prevent the possibility of a total loss of your crop.

Within the last year, “Industrial Hemp has the fastest growth in acres planted, rising 368%” (Quartz). But with great growth comes an alarming number of failures. “Of the 230,000 acres of hemp that were planted and predicted to be planted, Vote Hemp estimated only 50-60% of that will be harvested due to crop failure, non-compliant crops, and other factors” (Hemp Today). Losing 40-50% is not sustainable for the standard farmer. 

Compared to your average crop, planting hemp can pose a high risk with the potential for great reward. If you can mitigate your risks, then you are more likely to have a successful harvest. If a farmer follows all of the necessary steps to grow a compliant crop, there is still the possibility that the particular genetic could be non-compliant (THC levels higher than 0.03%). Don’t just buy one genetic, buy several genetics to reduce this risk. Invest in three to four different kinds of seeds so that if one hemp phenotype fails your entire field is not destroyed. Find out which genetics work well on your farm. Every strain may react differently to your soil, weather and micro-climate conditions, or other factors. Studies show that stable genetics’ reliability can change depending on your region. A seed that is compliant in California may not be compliant in Arkansas. Start with a collection of different seeds to find the phenotypes of hemp that will turn into the healthiest, most profitable plants.

When looking at buying different genetics, it doesn’t necessarily just mean different strains of CBD. Another avenue you can pursue is CBG (cannabigerol). CBG is still early to the conversation compared to THC and CBD, but studies have shown that this wonder-cannabinoid can “relieve symptoms for glaucoma, cancer, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome” (Cresco Labs). It is a highly effective compound that relieves not only these severe symptoms but also reduces the risk of non-compliant crops.

An experienced farmer might have two different genetics from two different distributors of CBD and a separate distributor for CBG to have a successful harvest. Another useful tip is to mix up seeds and clones. Clones can be useful and more reliable, but they’re not exactly cost-effective. One seed is currently averaging one dollar whereas one clone averages five dollars. As an example, you shouldn’t buy clones for all of your ten acres. Instead, buy clones for one of your acres, and plant seeds in the rest. That one acre of clones can ensure that you are able to pay your bills and cover your costs, which will prove to be a viable strategy in the long run.

Diversifying who you buy your seeds and clones from is important. Buying seeds from a variety of different distributors who know the industry and truly care about your success is another strategy you should set in place. Here at AgriHemp Seeds, we pride ourselves on open communication and transparency with our customers. Every customer is our partner, and every relationship we form with our partners is built on trust. We provide efficient, high-performing hemp seeds while setting the industry standard with our innovative business practices. AgriHemp Seeds is at the cutting edge of seed development, using selective breeding techniques for optimizing plant genetics with an emphasis on producing CBD- and CBG-rich certifiable hemp seed stock. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and share what we’re out to create in the world, one seed at a time. 

Farmers may be well aware of the threats of cultivation, but hemp is an entirely different crop. By diversifying the types of seeds you plant, you can feel secure in the fact that one faulty genetic won’t take out your entire harvest. We are your one-stop-shop for seed diversification and consulting. While we can’t guarantee that our genetics will work 100% of the time, we will be there every step of the way, helping you reach your goals. Diversify and win with us, AgriHemp Seeds. 

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